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Nora - all-on-x patient
"I Was Looking For A Fixed Solution To Last The Rest Of My Life, Dental Implants Gave Me Exactly What I Wanted!"

Hi, I’m Nora and I had my procedure done here by Dr. Park. I wasn’t having any major problems in the beginning with my upper but after a while I started having some issues. They would kind of go away and then they would come back, and then one day I knew I had to do something. I needed a more permanent fix. Something that I could have for the rest of my life so that’s why I chose this particular procedure.

I need someone who realizes that I'm an individual. I'm a person. That I'm not just a number and Dr. Park is wonderful at recognizing that.

Dr. Park with dental patient

Dr. Park:

Well, Miss Nora she’s been my patient for a long time. She didn’t have any teeth on the top when she came in and I was able to do an All-on-X procedure for her.


Oh well, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Park for some time. I find him very professional and kind and certainly aware of any problems that I might have as far as pain, and that’s very important to me. I trust his judgment and when we discussed this particular procedure, I took it very seriously because I knew that he was giving me the best advice because he considers me a good patient. Also, we have a good partnership.

Dr. Park:

We place an implant and would give her temporary teeth right away. She was very pleased. She didn’t have much of bone, and then she had some infection going on in her mouth. It was a little challenging case but I was able to deliver beautiful teeth for her.


After the procedure, what I found that was of most benefit to me was the ability to chew. I can eat far better than I could before. You were pretty confident that you have the right device that will help you be able to do that. I would say that yes, I felt a lot more confident because of this particular procedure. Dr. Park definitely treats me as family.

We always have some laughter, maybe a couple of innocent jokes then some seriousness as to dental health. Those are things that are very important to me. I need someone who realizes that I’m an individual. I’m a person. That I’m not just a number and Dr. Park is wonderful at recognizing that.

Dr. Park:

Well, I’ve been saying Nora over 10 years now and each time I see her and she’s still smiling.


I’ve had a very positive experience with Alluvial Dental Center and Dr. Park in particular. Anytime a friend, or a relative or acquaintance has asked for a recommendation, I always recommend Alluvial Dental Center.

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