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Veneers Can Change Your Life!

If you have ever looked at your smile and seen those imperfections you wish you could correct, veneers may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Dental veneers are a groundbreaking technology widely used to address smile imperfections like stained, misshapen, or damaged teeth. Alluvial Dental Center has helped patients all over the Fresno, CA area create the smile they’ve always dreamed of for over 20 years. Depending on the degree of smile imperfections, dental veneer treatment can be accomplished in as quickly as one visit. Veneers are a layer of material placed directly onto the tooth surface to cover imperfections or strengthen a tooth. Multiple veneers can be used over several teeth to transform more than one tooth at a time. The types of veneers differ based on material and preparation. The ideal veneer depends on the extent of tooth imperfections to be addressed. Once your treatment is complete you will be amazed at the transformation resulting from dental veneers. When you address smile imperfections like weakened, stained, or misshapen teeth you enhance more than just your oral health, you address your self-confidence in yourself. Dr. Andrew Park and his team are ready to show you how veneers can change your life for the better!

Different Veneers to Meet Your Needs

Porcelain veneers are known for their durability and ability to last 15 years or more. For patients looking to correct staining, tooth shape, and weaking of the tooth, porcelain veneers are an excellent option. Your dentist will perform a light preparation of the teeth during your first appointment. Veneers are fabricated right here in our in-house lab and customized with factors like skin tone and facial structure in mind. During your next appointment your porcelain veneers will be placed, revealing a bright and beautiful smile!

Ideal for patients with light staining, small tooth chips, or uneven lines, composite veneers are known to be the thinnest of options. Composite veneers are known to be less invasive and more cost effective than other veneers since they do not require tooth preparation and can be applied in one visit. This type of veneer can be removed in the future if needed since tooth preparation is not necessary. Composite veneers are created in our in-house lab with factors like skin tone and facial structure in mind. They are known to last five years or more.

Lumineers are a thin shell-like cover applied directly to the surface of your tooth without any prior preparation. They are perfect for patients concerned with staining, large tooth gaps, or misaligned and misshapen teeth. Lumineers typically require two visits to complete and can be removed in the future if needed. Your first visit requires imaging to properly design and determine the proper placement of your Lumineers. During your second visit, your Lumineers will be placed on your teeth with a bonding material. If any bonding material extends past the edges of your Lumineer, your dentist will carefully smooth and polish it down for a beautiful finish. Lumineers are known to last 20 years or more and can dramatically change the look of your smile!

porcelain veneers

Affordable Veneers Near You

If you have been searching for affordable veneers near you, look no further. The team at Alluvial Dental Center is ready to help you achieve the dream smile you’ve always wanted. We work with a variety of insurance carriers and third party financing firms to help make dental treatments like veneers affordable. Veneer teeth can dramatically change your smile, boosting self-confidence and enhancing quality of life. The team at Alluvial Dental Center believes everyone should have the smile they’ve always wanted. Our financing team can show you how to maximize your insurance benefits and utilize financing options to help make your treatment affordable. Simple contact our office or speak to our team during your consultation to learn more!

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