TMJ & TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ or TMD) affect the function and comfort of the jaw and facial muscles. TMJ or TMD covers a wide variety of issues that involve the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Diagnosis and treatment can vary depending on the unique issues plaguing each patient. At Alluvial Dental Center, we look at the underlying cause of TMJ or TMD to find a dental treatment solution that will offer relief from pain, discomfort and dysfunction.

Symptoms of TMJ vary as much as the possible causes. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Jaw or facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Popping or clicking noise in the jaw
  • Difficulty opening or closing the jaw
  • Pain or difficulty chewing
  • Ear pain or tenderness near the ear

The cause of TMJ is not always apparent. Bruxism, or teeth grinding/jaw clenching, can cause stress on the jaw joint that can lead to TMJ/TMD. Misaligned teeth or jaws can also be a predictor of TMJ. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis of TMJ and the possible causes to determine the best treatment to get relief.

Jaw Pain, Facial Pain Relief!

To get relief from jaw or facial pain due to TMJ, Dr. Park will first perform a comprehensive exam to ensure the proper diagnosis and determine what treatment may work best for you. For some patients, orthodontics is an option to improve alignment of the teeth to put less pressure on the jaw joint. Another option is a dental nightguard that can adjust the jaw while you sleep. It relieves pressure and prevent teeth grinding. Severe TMJ can require surgery, but that is usually only if other treatments are unsuccessful in giving you relief.

If you have been diagnosed with TMJ or have been suffering from jaw/facial pain, contact Alluvial Dental Center today for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for TMD.