Emergency Dentistry

Alluvial Dental offers Same-Day Emergency Services in Fresno with Flexible Financing

Don’t wait to get emergency dental care. Ignoring dental problems can lead to further medical complications and permanent conditions. You’ll experience faster recovery, and stop feeling pain sooner, if you seek treatment as soon as possible.

Emergency dental problems include:

  • Bleeding from the teeth or gums
  • Severe pain
  • Loose tooth
  • Swelling in or near the mouth
  • Injuries from hits to the face or mouth

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Root Canal Treatment Fresno, CA

Don’t let Finances be the Reason you don’t Seek Treatment

At Alluvial Dental Center you don’t need to be worried about the financial burden of emergency dental services. We provide generous financing options, no matter your financial situation so that everyone can afford the dental care they need.

Alluvial Dental Center Cares

When you or a family member have a broken tooth or dental pain, you do not want to wait to get the medical care you need. At Alluvial Dental Center, we care about your family’s health and comfort. We offer emergency dental care for new and existing patients that have urgent dental issues. Our team will always do their best to get you in for an expedient appointment to resolve your problem with dental treatment.

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