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Your Solution to Missing Teeth

If you are suffering from missing or failing teeth, you understand the struggles of finding a comfortable solution. Missing teeth often lead to pain and discomfort when speaking and chewing. Your emotional well-being can be affected as well, preventing you from smiling or speaking to others due to fear of judgment about your oral health. The most common solutions to missing teeth often miss the mark for individuals looking restore the feel and function of their natural teeth. At Alluvial Dental Center we have helped patients all over the Fresno, CA area restore their smiles with full mouth dental implants. Dr. Andrew Park is highly trained and experienced in helping patients restore their oral health and help them achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed of. Full mouth dental implants are the groundbreaking solution to missing teeth you have been searching for.

Removable, temporary dentures are often the most common solution individuals think of for missing teeth. Dentures are a temporary prosthetic placed directly over the gums with an adhesive to mimic the look of natural teeth. During wear it’s common for the adhesive to fail, causing the dentures to slip or even detach completely causing them to clack. They require daily removal and cleaning to ensure proper care. Over time the absence of tooth roots causes bone loss in the jawbone, changing the structure of the mouth resulting in the “sunken in” look. The change in oral structure can result in dentures becoming ill-fitting and uncomfortable. These temporary solutions do not enhance your quality of life or make you feel confident about your appearance. If you have been searching for a permanent solution that will restore the feel and function of natural teeth, contact Alluvial Dental Center to learn more about full mouth dental implants.

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Trust The Implant Process

Full mouth dental implants have become the premier solution for restoring the look, feel, and function of teeth. Dental implants are made up of three components: post, abutment, and restoration. The post is inserted directly into the jawbone by your dentist, mimicking the function of a natural tooth root. The insertion of the post into the bone creates stability for your restoration and helps support the surrounding bone tissue, therefore preventing any future bone loss and premature aging. The abutment is then placed on the post and extends past the gumline to act as a connection between the post and the restoration. Your restoration is the portion of your implant that restores the aesthetics of your smile. The restoration is designed right here in our in-house lab with factors like skin tone and facial structure considered to ensure a natural look. Full mouth dental implants require the same care as natural teeth, versus temporary options that need to be removed and cleaned. Whole mouth dental implants can restore your oral health, preventing gum disease and bone deterioration, in addition to providing you the aesthetically pleasing result you are searching for.

Alluvial Dental Center specializes in the All-On-Four® to Six dental implant protocol, a groundbreaking treatment that’s widely known to be less invasive and cost effective. During your consultation, Dr. Park will conduct a thorough exam and 3D scans of your mouth to create your customized treatment plan and begin designing your restoration. The day of your surgery, your dentist will strategically place four to six implants directly into the jawbone using the All-On-Four to Six method. Full arch dental implants are usually placed while the patient is sedated to ensure optimal comfort and minimize anxiety.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Can Be Affordable

Alluvial Dental Center believe everyone should have the opportunity to restore their smile and oral health. Compared to temporary solutions, full arch dental implants are often the premier option and therefore the cost of full mouth implants requires a greater investment. However, the enhancement in quality of life and their durability allowing them to last 30 years or more are the reasons why patients often choose this solution. Our in-house lab provides our patients faster turnaround times and our dentists the ability to be personally involved in creating surgery guides and restorations. The cost benefits of eliminating the involvement of an outside lab also allows us to transfer those cost saving benefits to our patients and make full mouth dental implants more affordable. We work with a variety of insurance carriers and third-party finance firms to offer our patients avenues of affordability for treatment and help with the cost of full mouth dental implants. Our finance department is ready to help you maximize your insurance benefits and utilize our financing options to ensure you receive the dental treatment you need. If you have wondering about full mouth dental implants near me, simply contact our office to learn more!

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