Teeth Whitening

When you have a healthy, white smile, you feel more attractive and confident. Yet, it is not always easy to maintain white teeth as you get older. The foods you eat, the beverages you drink, your lifestyle choices and aging can all affect the color of your teeth. To get a brighter, whiter smile again, come see our cosmetic dentistry experts at Alluvial Dental Center for professional teeth whitening.

Your tooth enamel is easily stained from darkly pigmented substances. Berries, wine, coffee and tea all leave a mark on your teeth over time. While daily brushing and routine dental cleanings help remove some stains, they do not dissolve stains in the enamel. Teeth bleaching or whitening can remove years of built up stains. It can give your teeth a beautiful glow like they used to have. It is a quick way to improve your smile and for some, can make them look years younger.

Why Use Professional Teeth Bleaching?

You may wonder what the difference is between the countless products in retail stores for teeth whitening and a professional teeth-bleaching product. The two main differences are effectiveness and safety. While teeth whitening can make your smile look beautiful, it also comes with risks. Many retail products can be harsh and cause tooth sensitivity or harm to the enamel. Plus, they often do not whiten evenly or achieve the promised results.

With professional teeth bleaching products available at our office, you are under the care of a dental professional. We only use quality teeth whitening products that are effective and proven safe for our patients. Plus, professional teeth bleaching is much quicker, giving you the results you want for a beautiful smile. Contact Alluvial Dental Center today to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.