Save your natural teeth

A root canal procedure helps preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. A root canal therapy can save a tooth while treating disorders of the nerve or pulp of your tooth. A tooth with a diseased or infected nerve used to be removed or extracted with the success of root canals, now you can keep your natural teeth and have confident and healthy smiles. If your think your tooth may be infected and you live in the Fresno area, root canal specialist Dr. Park may be able to stop the pain and help you keep your natural teeth.


When will you need a root canal?

root canal Fresno, CAThese are the most common reasons for getting a root canal treatment:

  • Trauma – may be a physical blow to a tooth or a constant striking of a tooth
  • Physical irritation – caused by a deep tooth decay or a very large filling
  • Severe gum disease


Regardless of the cause, if the tooth pulp becomes irritated and infected bacteria grows within and causes pressure and pain. Your face may swell because of this infection but sometimes it will also be unnoticeable because the deterioration of the pulp happens so gradually that little pain is felt. Either way, the bacteria will eventually destroy the tooth pulp and affect the bone surrounding the tooth.



Saving your tooth with a root canal treatmentroot canal treatment Fresno, CA

If after a root canal treatment assessment your dentist recommends a root canal procedure, a series of appointments will be scheduled for you. Know that attending these appointments with Dr. Park about your root canal procedure at our Fresno office is important to prevent delays in treatment and healing. Delays can affect the final outcome of a root canal procedure. It is also essential that all medications be taken as prescribed for faster healing and recovery.
Once the root canal treatment is completed, a permanent dental crown will be applied on your tooth to restore its natural look and feel. Your dentist will discuss options that will best help to maintain the strength and health of your restored tooth. Schedule an appointment with Alluvial dental here in Fresno, CA if you want to learn more about root canal procedures.