Comprehensive, In-House Care

Alluvial Dental Center is a Fresno family dentist dedicated to improving your family’s smile and quality of life. We take pride in providing a wide range of in-house dental services at our Fresno dentist office ranging from preventative care like cavity fillings, whitenings and cleanings to sedation dentistry procedures like root canals and dental implants. We want every member of your family to maintain good oral health, which is why we encourage our patients to establish good dental hygiene habits and come in for routine cleanings and suggest visiting if you feel like you may have a cavity or other issue. Our family dentist Dr. Park and his skilled staff takes time to listen and will help determine the best treatment options for your needs and budget. Whether you need a routine cleaning, cavity fillings, root canals, x-rays, crowns, implants, Invisalign, teeth whitening or oral surgery, we can help. Keep your family’s smiles happy and healthy, and do it all at one location in Fresno, Alluvial Dental Center.

General detistry Icon Fresno, CAGeneral Dentistry

We want every member of your family to maintain good oral health with teeth cleanings and cavity fillings, and we take pride in providing patients of all ages with the most advanced, preventive dental care.

Inplant dentistry Fresno, CAImplant Dentistry

Our team offers a variety of procedures to replace your missing or broken teeth and get your confidence and your life back.

Cosmetic dentistry Fresno, CACosmetic Dentistry

Your smile leaves a lasting impression on people. Our cosmetic dental services can help improve your smile with procedures like teeth whitening, and even change your life!

sedation dentistry Fresno, CASedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist can be intimidating, but sedation dentistry can alleviate anxiety and ensure you remain relaxed and pain free.

Invisalign Fresno, CAInvisalign

We provide orthodontic services, including Invisalign, to both children and adults that can improve both the alignment and appearance of your teeth.

Emergency dentistry Fresno, CAEmergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. If you’ve suffered from a dental trauma or simple have tooth pain, we can help.

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