Wisdom Teeth Removal

When the last molars arrive in most people’s late teens or early twenties, it is not always a smooth process. Wisdom teeth are the largest and the last teeth to come in and often can cause problems when they try to emerge. If they pose a risk to the health or appearance of other teeth, proactive removal can be the best dental treatment option. At Alluvial Dental Center, we offer careful wisdom teeth removal for our patients that have problems with these last molars.

The four wisdom teeth that arrive at adulthood are not always a problem. Some people receive these final molars with no issues. However, there are those that do not have enough space in their mouth for these large teeth or they have wisdom teeth that grow in the wrong direction. If the wisdom teeth become impacted in the gums, they can cause pain, infection and other oral health issues. When these types of issues occur, Dr. Park and our dental team can remove these problem teeth in a safe and comfortable environment.

Stress-Free Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If you or your teenager need wisdom teeth removed, we offer a calm, stress-free atmosphere for the procedure. Often, all four wisdom teeth are removed at one time, but individual molars can be extracted if needed. We have sedation options available to help relax the patient while we perform the removal. Often, oral conscious or IV sedation are used to ensure the patient is in a completely relaxed state while we complete this form of oral surgery.

Teens that have wisdom teeth coming in should have them monitored. This will help to determine whether they cause any problems as they emerge or if they need to be removed. At Alluvial Dental Center, we can monitor your teen’s wisdom tooth growth during their annual checkups. If removal is needed, we can perform the procedure at our clinic in Fresno. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.