Decay is one of the main culprits that destroy teeth from an early age. Most children have cavities appear both on their primary and permanent teeth that need to be removed. While adults do get cavities, their teeth are less vulnerable than younger teeth that are still forming. Sealants can help protect teeth from decay, keeping young teeth healthy and saving money on fillings and other dental treatments.

Decay or cavities occur due to acid that is formed when bacteria consume sugar on the teeth. The acid creates small holes in the enamel that become larger over time. Regular brushing with fluoride toothpastes and flossing can help interrupt this process by removing bacteria and plaque. However, once the enamel has a cavity, a filling is needed to repair the hole and stop the decay from continuing into the inner portion of the tooth.

Teeth Sealing for Protection from Cavities

Sealants offer an extra layer of protection for the teeth. The back teeth are most likely to get cavities due to their performance in chewing, the bumpy surface and the difficulty in getting them thoroughly clean. This plastic coating is applied to the back molars on the chewing surface to fill in the nooks and crannies that are susceptible to hiding food particles and bacteria. This ultra-thin layer of plastic is painted on the surface of the teeth and helps protect them from decay.

Sealants can be added as soon as the molars come in. Molars arrive from approximately the age of five to fourteen, except for the wisdom teeth. Sealants can be added to these molars during regular checkups to help prevent cavities in these important teeth.

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