Dental Implant Restorations

Dr. Park and our team at Alluvial Dental Center are experienced dental implant professionals. This includes the initial surgery to place implants and bone grafts, as well as the ongoing care for these surgically placed dental restorations. Our office offers maintenance for dental implants, repairs or restorations when needed for our patients.

Dental implants are a dental treatment option that have been around for decades. This means there are people who have dental implants that are decades old. While today’s dental implants have improved longevity, older dental implants may need to be restored. Dr. Park and our team can restore or even replace older dental implants to help patients keep their complete smile.

Implant Repairs

One of the reasons dental implants are preferred for dental restorations is their similarity to natural teeth. However, this also means they can be damaged like natural teeth. The crown on the implant can crack or break and need replacement. The post can become loose or be damaged due to trauma. Our team can replace crowns or repair other components of dental implants to extend the life of your investment in your smile.

Dental implants need regular maintenance and checkups, just like natural teeth. Since implants do not have a nerve root, you can have damage to your artificial tooth and not realize it. It is important to come in for routine checkups so we can inspect your dental implants and ensure they are in good condition. If implant repairs or restorations are needed, we can perform them at our clinic in Fresno.

Your dental implants are a significant investment into your health and appearance. Protect that investment with regular checkups at Alluvial Dental Center. Contact us today to schedule your next visit, and call us immediately if you need an implant repair.