Losing some or all of your teeth does not mean you need to lose your smile. While it can be difficult physically and emotionally to lose your natural teeth, there are dental treatments to restore your smile and give you back the confidence to enjoy your life fully. The modern dentures we offer at Alluvial Dental Center are comfortable. They have a natural appearance to help our patients with tooth loss regain their complete smiles and live a quality life.

Complete or full dentures are used to replace all the teeth on the upper and lower jaws. In most cases, those getting dentures for the first time will need to have any remaining teeth removed to be fitted for complete dentures. For dentures to fit comfortably, the gums must heal from any extractions before the final dentures can be created. However, there are options to create immediate dentures that are functional while the gum healing process occurs.

During your initial exam and consultation for complete dentures, Dr. Park will discuss the different options available. The dentures available now are much more comfortable and natural appearing than many in the past. While there is an adjustment period, most people become very comfortable with their new teeth. They can begin to enjoy eating the foods they love and engage in a more active social life quickly once their permanent dentures are fitted.

Partial Dentures

One option for replacing several missing teeth is a partial denture. This is a removable appliance that fits around your existing teeth and places artificial teeth in the gaps where teeth are lost. Our team uses the latest technology to design and create partial dentures that look natural and match your existing teeth. This is an affordable option when dental bridges or implants are not appropriate for the patient due to medical or budget concerns.

You deserve a complete, functional smile that will help improve your health and appearance. Contact Alluvial Dental Center‚Äč today to learn more about our restorative dental services, including dentures, dental implants and dental bridges.